How to Perform an Advanced Search

Created: Jun 09, 2014 01:44PM PDT      Updated: Jul 22, 2016 03:13PM PDT
In TalentBin, the Advanced search tool is going to be a time-saving and useful feature for crafting perfect candidate searches. In fact, we recommend running every single search in the Advanced tool, since it provides much more functionality the basic search tool.

In this article, you'll read about this increased functionality, including the various Boolean modifiers you can use to refine your searches. 

Step by Step Guide

1. To perform an advanced search, click on "advanced" from the search tab in TalentBin and choose the requisition folder your search will be targeting.

Figure 1. Selecting the folder for your search.

2. Click on the add field a couple of times to add additional search terms. As you type across by tabbing or returning between search terms, you are creating an OR search. As you type down, adding new terms to each box, you are creating an AND search.

In the Advanced Search, you can specify terms to search against 7 different candidate profile fields:
  • Keyword: Search against all candidate information.
  • Skill: Search against a candidate's professional skills and interests.
  • Role: Search against job titles a candidate has held.
  • Company: Search against companies where a candidate has worked.
  • Current Company: Search against the company where a candidate is working.
  • School: Search against schools a candidate has attended.
  • Name: Search against a candidate's name.
Advanced Search will search against all fields that you specify, and will only return results that match one or more search terms per field.

While specifying search terms, you may see type-ahead suggestions. If you use these suggestions, the system will recognize these known terms, and will execute more intelligent searches.

Figure 2. Choosing which area to target with your search terms.

3. Once you've built out your search criteria, you can click on the search button to see your results.

Figure 3. Running the search, returned 314 passive candidate profiles.

4. Click on "Save" and you will be prompted to enter a name to save the search.

Figure 4. Saving your search terms.

You can always filter your results further and save that as another search. In this example, we're going to require that our candidates have a minimum of 3 years of experience and 6 months in their current role, and also have an identified email address.

Note: In the event that you find a candidate without an email address, you can request one through the system by choosing the candidate profile. This free-of-charge service engages our
email concierge team. We are usually successful in finding missing email addresses 70% of the time. You will be not be charged to use this service.

Figure 5. Modifying your search.
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