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Created: Jun 26, 2014 08:32AM PDT      Updated: Oct 27, 2015 02:10PM PDT
An overview of the feature-rich candidate detail page, an implicit resume with information about a passive candidate's employment history, education, years of experience, skills, social networks, and contact vectors.



A TalentBin profile presents the sum total of professional and other interests that an individual has exhibited from across the web.

At the top of the profile is the candidate’s name, headline, and location. Just below are listed the various web identities that TalentBin has identified for that individual, and from which their professional interest data has been extracted. There’s also a permalink for sharing the public profile URL with other recruiters / hiring managers.

Below is the candidate’s interests display. There is both a “professional” interests tab, and a tab for “other interests.” 

Professional interests present a ranked order list of the professional interests the individual has exhibited. Note that there is a score assigned to each interest, based on the volume and intensity of the activity that the person has exhibited with respect to that interest.

In this case, Galen has an 4-star Java skills, indicating that he has a significant amount of activity in the Java space around the web. In addition to helping you understand how TalentBin knows that the candidate has a given professional interest, these interest details can be very useful in crafting outreach messaging.

You can find all of Galen's contact channels under the “contact” button, including his email address, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

You can also see and change his pipeline status, leave notes on the profile, and get a summary of activity specific to Galen's profile in your bin.

Figure 1. TalentBin profile with areas of interest.

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