Saving Searches (Video)

Created: Jun 26, 2014 09:35AM PDT      Updated: Oct 21, 2015 09:56AM PDT

To save labor in TalentBin, your search criteria can be saved and loaded whenever you return to source passive candidates from any folder.

Also, as you manage candidates through your pipeline, they'll be removed from your saved search results and appear under the manage tab associated with that req folder. In other words, you won't see redundant results in any of the searches saved to a single folder since TalentBin keeps track of what folder you're sourcing with and removes anyone already staged who might otherwise match any of the searches saved in that folder.

Let's take a look at how saving searches work in TalentBin:


Step by Step Guide

1. Make sure you've opened the correct requisition folder. Or create a new one:

Figure 1: Choosing a requisition folder.

2. Type in your search terms in either the basic or advanced search.

Figure 2: Typing in search terms.

3. Refine your search by using years of experience, time in current role, available contact vectors, web profiles, network, and other search filters.

Figure 3: Refining your search with additional filters.

4. Click the search or update button and take a look at your results.

Figure 4: Searching and reviewing results.

5. Once you're happy with the results, you can save the search by clicking on the save button and typing a name for the search.

Figure 5: Saving and Naming your search.

That's it! Now whenever you return to TalentBin, all you need to do is open your requisition folder and choose the arrow next to the save button to access your saved search.

As you begin to process passive candidates through your pipeline by changing their stage to "Promising," they won't ever reappear with this search result for this folder, saving you time.

Figure 6: Accessing a Saved Search from the drop-down menu next to the Save button.

Note: You can create and save as many search variations as you'd like for each req folder. We recommend a minimum of three saved searches for each active folder.

Q: Why three?

A: Since you're looking at passive candidates describing themselves on the web, different search terms will return different results. You might also wish to set up specialized searches specific to certain contact vectors, industries, schools, or diversity candidates.

Please note:

To manage your saved searches, click on the arrow next to the Save button and choose "Manage your saved searches." Here you can choose which searches are associated with your req folder by checking or unchecking the box in front of the search name. You can also edit the name of the saved search or delete the search.

Remember saved searches allow you to easily go back to run the same search again in the future without having to type in all of your search terms all over again. You can also build off any existing saved search by adding or removing terms to further restrict it or open it up and then save those search results as well. You can also share your search URLs with colleagues.

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