Exporting One Candidate Profile to ATS or CRM (Video)

Created: Jul 16, 2014 01:38PM PDT      Updated: Jun 05, 2017 03:15PM PDT
Export individual profiles from TalentBin by going to any individual’s TalentBin profile.

From there, click on the export arrow to choose between various options:

Creates an PDF document that is structured after a traditional resume. Contains hyperlinks to contact vectors and to web identities so viewers can go directly to someone’s GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Exports relevant contact and web profile information into a structured spreadsheet file for importing into ATS or other databases. Files will always have the same headers so those headers only need to be mapped once.

Avature, Bullhorn, Compas, Greenhouse, Hirebridge, iCIMS, Jobs2Web, Jobvite Engage, SalesForce
These are recruiting CRMs (rCRMs) or applicant tracking systems that TalentBin can export directly to. 

Figure 1: Exporting a candidate profile from the candidate detail page. Just click on the export arrow and choose how you want to export it.

Note: You can also export profiles in bulk from any folder in the Manage page. Check out this video to see how: Bulk Export

We currently support exports to the following systems: Avature, Bullhorn, Compas, Greenhouse, Hirebridge, iCIMS, Jobs2Web, Jobvite Engage, and Salesforce, as well as exporting as a CSV or PDF file.

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