Understanding Dashboard Priorities

Created: Jul 28, 2014 03:49PM PDT      Updated: Dec 07, 2015 02:51PM PST

The Dashboard is the first place to visit every time you log into TalentBin. Here you'll see a top ten list of the most pressing "next action" to take, listed in descending order of importance.

Simply working through your top ten items whenever you log into the program will increase your effectiveness as a recruiter. Each “to do” item will display the given profile’s current stage and folder, and all respond/follow-up buttons will open a new tab in TalentBin making it easy to send the next outreach message.

Figure One: Pending Dashboard items appear in order of priority.

This is how the order of items in the Dashboard is determined:

  1. The to-do dashboard will show you two things:
    • Top 10 to-dos we think will help you be a more successful recruiter.

      • Limit to 10 to-dos.

      • If you haven’t set up your mailbox, we always ALSO show a mailbox set up to do at the end of the list.

      • If there are fewer than 10 to-dos (not including the mailbox to do), we show a to-do to source for more candidates.

    • Top 10 open tasks that are due / coming due / overdue.

    • At any point, you can click on the refresh button at the top of the to-do section to pull in the most up to date list of to-dos.

      • For example, if you follow-up on one to-do and click refresh, it should go away.

  2. We display a separate section on the dashboard for tasks (separate from to-dos section)

      • This section will not display if there are no tasks.

    • What tasks do we show?

      • We only display tasks that are either:

        • Overdue (were due prior to today GMT time).

        • Due today (GMT time).

        • Due tomorrow (GMT time).

      • So by definition, we only display tasks that have a due date.

      • We only display tasks that are open.

        • Open = not marked as completed by user.

      • We only display tasks that are active.

        • Active = not deleted by user.

    • What order do we show tasks?

      • First, prioritize by task due date, oldest first.

  3. If you have sent more than 4 emails with no response ever:
    • Sub Tier Prioritization

    • “You should close out [candidate name]”

    • Secondary Header

      • If candidate has ever responded to recruiter

        • “Your last email was x days ago”

      • If the user has sent 1-4 emails with no response ever

        • “You’ve sent x messages to [candidate first name] Last Action: x days ago”

      • If the user has sent more than 4 emails with no response ever

        • “You’ve messaged [candidate first name] x times with no engagement”

    • Primary action link to thread in mailbox to email candidate.

    • Secondary action drop-down that only include closed stages, and the to do should disappear (because the profile should be moved to a closed stage now) when a closed stage has been selected.

    • Most recent timestamp of last email sent.

  4. Tier 4b: Candidates whose last contact from recruiter was a non-integrated contact contact vector.

  5. Tier 5: Candidates stuck in promising.
  6. Tier 6: Candidates in closed-future opportunity that haven’t been pinged in a while.


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