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Created: Aug 04, 2014 11:16AM PDT      Updated: Oct 21, 2015 10:23AM PDT

TalentBin supports a variety of reporting options for customers.


In-app Reporting


Any person with enterprise access to TalentBin can view real-time usage statistics by going to:


There, the logged-in user can view the following information.

  • Number of candidates in each open stage

  • Number of candidates in each closed stage

  • Recruiter activity (days that user was active on TalentBin by month*

  • Searches performed by month

  • TalentBin Profiles viewed by month

  • Total messages sent by month

  • Staging actions taken by month

  • Emails sent through integrated mailbox by month**

  • Emails opened and links clicked by month

  • Email replies from candidates by month


* For “by month” data fields, TalentBin shows data from the current and preceding three complete months

** Emails sent, opens, links clicked, and replies are only tracked for customers who utilize TalentBin’s integrated mailbox feature.

See our video walk-through of these reporting features here

These statistics can be viewed on an individual user-level or summed and viewed for total activity for all TalentBin seat-holders in a particular bin.


By default, every user within an account can view the activity of other users within TalentBin. However, by going to Account Preferences, an administrator can set the reporting tab so that a standard-level TalentBin user can only view his or her activity if desired.


Reporting Delivered by Email (User-level)


Twice a month, on the 1st and 16th, TalentBin sends a email to every TalentBin user, with the following information for the current month to date and the previous month:

  • Searches performed

  • TalentBin profiles viewed

  • Profiles exported

  • Staging actions taken

  • Web profiles viewed (e.g. GitHub, StackExchange, Facebook, Twitter profiles viewed by a user clicking on those links from a TalentBin profile

  • Total messages sent by month

  • Days active


Reporting Delivered by Email (Bin-level)


TalentBin can deliver a email very similar to the user-level reporting report described above to a executive sponsor / decision maker at a company. This report includes the same fields as the user-level reporting email, but includes statistics for each user in that company’s TalentBin and sum totals for each field for the bin as well.


To add an executive sponsor to this reporting option, please send the company name and name and email of that person to with the email subject “Add executive sponsor to reporting.” From there, the TalentBin Customer Success team will make sure that individual gets these reports twice per month.

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