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Created: Aug 19, 2014 02:12PM PDT      Updated: Dec 09, 2015 11:01AM PST
TalentBin’s search tool is designed to make searches more intuitive and easier-to-build, while preserving some key characteristics to running an effective passive candidate search (i.e. Boolean logic). However, we realize that it may be somewhat tricky to acclimate to our unique search interface, to return great search results.

Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks that will help you refine your search results and pull back an ideal set of candidates:

1. Choosing “Email” on the Available contact search filter.

Have you tried restricting the search results by exposing only candidates with known email addresses?

Email is the best way to conduct your initial outreach. We have an email concierge service but if you’d rather not wait to use it, restricting to profiles with known email addresses is perhaps the best way to refine your results, especially if you're sourcing in a larger metro area with lots of qualified candidates.
Figure 1: Choosing "Email" from the Available Contact drop-down in TalentBin.

2. Using the Top-Tier or Middle-Tier Engineering explode terms.

Look for candidates from the best engineering schools by adding one or more of these custom explode terms.

Figure 2: Choosing Top-Tier and Middle-Tier Engineering Explode Terms in TalentBin.

3. Using Company or Current Company explode terms.

Have you tried restricting the search to specific companies? Take a look at some of the available explode terms we have in this area:
  • Gaming Companies
  • Console Gaming Companies
  • Financial Services Companies
  • E-Discovery Companies
  • MySQL Companies
  • Common Clearance Companies
 To see the full list, see our Current List of Explode Terms (Company) article.
Figure 3: Choosing Industry-specific company explode terms for Company and Current Company in TalentBin.

4. Removing Sales, Recruiting, Leadership explode terms from the search.

Choose Roles in the Advanced Search and add these explode terms and then choose prohibited (the red negative sign).

This is a way to further ensure your search results will be focused on people with technical skills for the technical roles you're trying to fill!

Figure 4: Choosing to exclude non-technical roles with the explode terms "Sales," "Recruiting," and "Leadership."

5. Using the Network Types search filter.

This is the newest way to restrict results, accessible from the pane on the left hand of the search tab. You can force results to have industry or domain specific network types in order to more quickly ascertain skill fit.

To see our complete list of network types, please see our Current List of Network Types article.

Figure 5: Selecting specific network types from the Network Type filter in TalentBin

6. Using our Diversity Search Explode Terms.

Have you tried using the diversity explode terms (in beta)?

Try adding female names and removing male names. Try adding the Armed Forces explode term. These are ways to further restrict your results while winning kudos with the HR manager by helping him or her meet his or her diversity goals.

To see a complete list of our diversity search terms, see our
Current List of Explode Terms (Miscellaneous) article.

Figure 6: Choosing the Beta Terms Male Name and Female Names
Other Tips:
  • TalentBin weighs the first search field the highest (outside of location, which is a filter), so it's best to put your most specific terms first.
  • There is no limit to the number of saved searches you can associate with a requisition folder. Since candidates describe themselves in different ways online, we recommend a minimum of three searches for each folder in order to maximize your search results. And since all of your sourcing activity is tied to the folder, you don't have to worry about seeing candidates you've already marked as "Bad Fit" or "Future Opportunity." In fact, anyone who is already part of your active pipeline for that folder won't show up in a new search.


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