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Using the Automated Follow-Up Campaign feature in TalentBin, you can schedule a series of automatic follow-up messages to candidates to drive higher response and open rates without having to do any additional work! 

Not only does feature save you a significant amount of time during your work day, it will vastly increase your chances of starting a conversation with a promising candidate.


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In TalentBin, or any passive recruitment tool, a key component of success is response rate from candidates. As you are gathering responses (both positive and negative) it all but guarantees you will begin to have productive conversations with top talent. 

However, if we only reach out one time to a candidate, and then give up after not hearing back, we are eliminating countless potential conversations with great candidates. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes that recruiters make is taking silence from a candidate after one email to mean "Not interested." In passive recruiting,
persistence pays!

Thus, a key factor of success is going to always be following up with an unresponsive candidate and giving them more chances to read your email and respond. However, we realize that manually following up with every candidate you reach out to takes a significant amount of time, so this feature is aimed at making that process completely automated.

Let's take a look at how it works!



How it Works

The Automated Follow-up Campaign is built to send a series of messages after the initial outreach message is sent. 

This is notably different than our 
Drip Marketing Campaign, which allows you to add a candidate into the campaign without sending an initial outreach message first. Due to this, the initial outreach message should never be part of your automated follow-up campaign!

Once you send your outreach message to a candidate, and add them to the campaign, the system will trigger another message automatically in X number of days (3 days by default).

You can have any many templates as you want in a follow-up campaign, and you can
customize the timing and language of the templates in any fashion.

Other important things to note:

  1. The campaign will stop automatically if a candidate responds, letting you continue the conversation manually.

  2. Each template in an automated follow-up campaign does not have a subject line. This allows all of the messages to live in the same email thread, both bumping the initial outreach message to the top of their inbox again and making sure they don't get overwhelmed by individual messages.




​Before continuing to the steps below, you must make sure you have already integrated your email into TalentBin (or use Mailbox Lite). You cannot use automated follow-up campaigns without integration!

1. Before sending your initial outreach message in the compose window, you will get an option to add that candidate to an Automated Follow-up Campaign. The option is pre-selected by default, all you need to do is choose the campaign you want to use.


Note: Our default campaign can essentially be used by any user, since it includes very generic language. However, to increase your chances of success, you can create a Custom Automated Follow-up Campaign for each job reqor use our new Guided Campaign feature which will help you through the entire process.

2. Once you select the campaign you wish to use and hit "Send Message", you have successfully added that candidate to the campaign.

3. The system will follow up with that candidate in a certain amount of days (3 days by default) if there is no response. Then, if still no reply, the system will follow up again and continue until there are no more templates to send in the campaign or if there is a response.

By default, this is how the timing is set up (you can always change the timing in your campaign dashboard):


Email to the Candidate

Time After Previous Email

Time After First Manually-sent Email

First email (manually sent)



First follow-up email (automated)

3 days

3 days

Second follow-up email (automated)

5 days

8 days

Final follow-up email (automated)

5 days

13 days

Candidate moved to “Not Interested” (automated)

7 days

20 days

4. If the candidate doesn't respond after the last message in the campaign is sent, the system will automatically stage that person as "Not Interested". (By default, 7 days after the last message is sent)




We've added two default automated follow-up campaigns into every user's account. (In order to see the Agency-specific campaign, select that you recruit for "Multiple Companies" in your
Update recruiter information page.)

Within these example campaigns, we've added three default templates. You can find these templates under the "Manage templates in campaigns" section on your
Manage templates and campaigns page. 

These templates are editable, just like any other template in TalentBin, by clicking on the edit pencil symbol to the right of each template. If you make changes to the templates, they will take effect immediately. Editing these templates will not affect the campaigns belonging to any of your colleagues who use TalentBin.

We also highly recommend you tailor a campaign to a specific job requisition by creating a
custom Automated follow-up campaign.




Stopping the Campaign

The campaign will always pause automatically if a candidate responds to any one of the messages (outreach or campaign messages), but what if you want to pull someone off of the campaign manually?

If you need to stop a campaign to a candidate, just go to that candidate’s TalentBin profile page and click "Stop campaign for this candidate" below the contact button. 

Alternately, you can manage all of your campaigns and remove any or all candidates easily from the campaign dashboard.

Note: Any automated follow-up campaigns you have scheduled will be paused automatically if you disconnect your integrated email from TalentBin. Of course, if you integrate again, all the paused campaigns will resume.



Real-World Example

Recently, we had an opportunity to use TalentBin in-house as we continue to expand our Customer Success Team. During the recruitment process, one of our Customer Success managers reached out to 54 passive candidates with TalentBin, with the following results:




Key Takeaway

# Candidates who opened



Open rate (%)


Almost 95% of candidates opened at least one message.

Total # of clicks



Unique candidate click rate


Nearly 50% of candidates clicked on a link.

# Candidates who replied



Response rate


Over 60% replied.

Total # of productive replies



Net positive response rate


Over 70% of replies resulted in interview or networking opp.

Total % productive replies


Nearly 45% of candidate responses were net positive.


Note: 1. Time invested: - Search/folders = 30 minutes (4 search variations) - Source + initial email or bad fit stage = 120 candidates in funnel x 3 mins per (guesstimate) = 6 hours - Follow up emails/funnel management = 2 hours - Total: 8-10 hours

​One of the key takeaways was the overall effectiveness of automated follow-up messages. Over 80% of the total candidate replies came after receipt of one of the follow-up messages.



Things to Note

Generic Emails

Unlike with personalized emails where you start with a template and then edit the message on a per-candidate basis before sending that email out, you aren’t able to do that for automated follow-up message templates. So, those templates need to be generic enough for any candidate in an automated follow-up campaign.

The good news, the first, customized, outreach message is the one that you will "get credit for" from the candidate - so knocking it out of the park on the first email pays continued dividends as the automatic follow up emails are sent. Follow up messages are actually sent as "replies" to the initial outreach email thread, for exactly this reason. 


If you’re using variables (like a jobs page URL) in your automated follow-up campaign templates, you won’t be able to schedule a follow-up campaign unless those variables have values. This message means you are using a variable that isn’t set.

Once you add the corresponding information on your template variables page, you should be all set!

Folder Defaults

You can also set your default templates and campaigns on our new
Manage Folder Defaults page. You can also change the default template or campaign for any of your folders at any time by visiting this page. Think of this page as the page to keep track of all of your open jobs. When a folder is 100% completed, it has a default outreach template and automated follow up campaign assigned to it. This makes it easier to keep track of all of your templates, and you can start firing away those emails! 

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