Campaign Management Dashboard

Created: Oct 31, 2014 11:57AM PDT      Updated: Jun 02, 2017 03:44PM PDT
The Campaigns dashboard allows you see all the great candidates you have in automated follow-up campaigns in one place. You can also view and configure the settings for your campaigns and create new campaigns from scratch.

If you click on your name in the upper right, then Manage Templates and Campaigns, then the Campaigns button (or just go here directly), you'll see the overview of your campaigns showing how many candidates are active in each: 

Figure 1. Manage Automated Follow-up Campaign Overview

Getting Into the Campaign Details
Clicking on the eye icon or the name of a campaign will allow you to view the campaign configuration, the templates that are included in the campaign, as well as active and inactive candidates: 

Figure 2. Detailed Campaign Dashboard

The status column allows you to quickly know where a candidate is in your campaign:
  • Active -- the candidate is scheduled to receive one or more additional campaign messages
  • Responded -- the candidate replied to either the initial outreach email or one of the campaign messages
  • No Response -- the candidate received all of the campaign messages but never responded
  • Stopped -- you have manually stopped the campaign for that candidate, either from the campaign view or the candidate's profile
  • Paused --  you have manually paused the campaign -or- TalentBin wasn't able to send a campaign message, either because your mailbox is no longer integrated (e.g. change in password that hasn't been updated in TalentBin yet) or you have variables in your templates that don't have values. If your campaign is paused and you need help, contact your TalentBin Product Specialist for help getting that campaign resumed! 
  • Bounced -- the candidate's email address bounced (this means no follow-up messages will be sent and the email address has been marked as a bad contact vector)
Campaign Configuration 
You can edit the configuration of any campaign by clicking on the gear symbol in the upper right corner of the Configuration box. 

Figure 3. Campaign Configuration Setting Window

We recommend giving your campaigns descriptive titles, so you will easily be able to tell which campaign is which when you are emailing candidates. 

By default, candidates who don't reply to your campaign messages will be moved to the "Not Interested" stage. You may choose the number of days TalentBin will wait after the last follow-up template before marking them in this stage, but the default is 7 days.

Note: You can change which stage unresponsive candidates are moved to, but we recommend avoiding using "In Discussion" or "Attempting to Contact", since TalentBin already uses those to automatically keep track of who you have emailed and who has replied. You can also create your own custom stages.

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