How Email Systems Work

Created: Nov 20, 2014 10:02AM PST      Updated: Dec 07, 2015 03:46PM PST
Email systems use a client/server architecture.

Figure One: A simple client/server diagram.

Each server can have multiple clients. The server is the point of origin for all inbound messages. These messages are then relayed to the client or clients through various trusted protocols, such as IMAP/SMTP. Clients establish two-way communication with the server to obtain new messages and also to send out messages originated on a client.

Here are some examples of common email client/server technology stacks.

Figure Two: Google and Gmail (which can also connect with TalentBin as an email client).

Figure Three: Microsoft Exchange and Outlook (which can also connect with TalentBin as an email client).

Figure Four: Other SMTP/IMAP compliant ISP email servers and a mail app client (which can also connect with TalentBin as an email client).

In each of these instances, any email originated from TalentBin for passive candidate outreach is sent through the server, just as it would with any other email client, using the same email credentials (and trusted email address). Any additional replies with the same subject line, even from another client like your Outlook email or cell phone email client, would also show up as part of a thread in your TalentBin virtual mailbox.

The reason why we do this so we can send Open and Click tracking payloads through your email server, as well as automated follow-up campaigns with your email address, and monitor candidate replies to populate your Intelligent CRM Dashboard.

Figure Five: An example of a mail server communicating with multiple clients, including TalentBin.

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