Postal Code and Radius Searching

Created: Nov 24, 2014 04:54PM PST      Updated: Apr 07, 2017 01:48PM PDT
With Postal Code and Radius searching, you have greater flexibility and control when looking for passive candidates in TalentBin.

Let's review the three ways you can harness the power to search locations:

1. You can use the default "Located anywhere" search to find everyone who matches your search criteria anywhere in the world.

Note: All searches now require at least one keyword.

Figure One: The new Located anywhere dropdown list appears by default whenever you begin a new search.

2. If you click on Popular searches, you can perform a search using location tags, which work almost exactly as they did before, with one caveat.

By default, each location tag represents an optimized search radius of 50 miles. However, they are really just points on the map. You can customize the search radius by entering any value.

Figure Two: Clicking on Popular searches allows you to use the previously existing location tags to create a search just as you would have before, or adding a radius.

3. If you click Custom search and specify a country, you have the option of adding a zip code/postal code and specifying miles/kilometers from that point.

Note: Whether you search for miles or kilometers and postal code or zip code is determined by your country preferences in your Bin, not the country you're searching in.

All zip codes and postal codes are converted to a latitude/longitude, a point on the map. The distance determines the circumference of the radius around the point where you'd like to search. This can be especially helpful in narrowing your search results to specific locales, particularly in densely populated metro areas where the old location tags brought in too many results.

Figure Three: An example of a Zip Code and Radius (for illustrative purposes only).

Figure Four: Click on Lookup to find a zip code if you only know the name of a city.

To reset your search, simply click Clear search and begin again.

Figure Five: Clicking Custom Search allows you to specify a country and a zip code or postal code, as well as a radius.

How will the new location search functionality impact my previously saved searches?
Most of your previously saved searches will function exactly as they did before with a few notable exceptions:
  • Saved searches which used a customized text string (not location tags) or a custom explode term will no longer work. Workaround: In these instances, you are advised to move to a postal code/radius search and re-save your search.

Figure Six: An old search using customized string data instead of location tags.

  • Older saved searches which specify multiple locations will no longer work. On searches like the above from before November 2014, TalentBin will now only search the first location in the list.​ Workaround: In these instances, you are advised to save multiple instances of each search and having only one location tag saved in each one. All of these searches will still roll up to one folder so you will be able to see everyone in your pipeline across multiple locations, just as you have in the past, as well as take advantage of Recommended Resumes.

Figure Seven: An old search with three office locations would need to be broken out into three searches.



Q: Why can't I specify a radius if I select a location tag?
A: Location tags already have a radius associated with them. That radius is 50 miles or commutable distance, just as it was previously.

Q: Can I specify multiple lat/long and radius areas in a single search?
A: No. Create a separate search for each one and store them in a single search folder.

Q: When I enter WC2E 9RZ for my London postal code search, I get an error. Why?
A: Just use the characters before the space, e.g. WC2E (or other). The point will be the center of this location. You can then specify the radius.

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