Recruiting with Twitter Best Practices

Created: Dec 03, 2014 02:44PM PST      Updated: Dec 09, 2015 10:28AM PST

Twitter represents a promising communication vector for engaging with passive candidates in a mobile-first environment they use every day.

Your messaging is chunked into 140 character pieces and the signal to noise ratio can be overwhelming at first. P
aying attention to best practices, and avoiding ineffective strategies is key to driving success, and capturing the opportunity presented.

Best Practices

  • Customize your outreach to each candidate.

    • As with email outreach, tweets with more customization show that you, the recruiter, have done your homework, and raises the likelihood of engagement by the passive candidate. It shows you care and that this is unlikely to be a waste of their time.

    • When candidates look at your Twitter stream, they will see that you are being thoughtful and targeted, across all of your outreach, and not a "spammer" - raising their likelihood of engagement.

  • Include links to your career site and the role in question.

    • This allows TalentBin to capture click tracking information to let you know who is engaging with your outreach, and feed Intelligent CRM actions in your Dashboard, while allowing candidates to look at more information if they are interested

    • Example Tweet: "You can see more working at New Relic here: , and this role here:,Job "

  • Include contact vectors.

    • Be sure to include all of your pertinent contact info in your Twitter bio and final tweet, like your phone number and email address

    • If the candidate is interested in engaging with you, they will be less likely to do so publicly. As such, providing your phone number and email address is critical.

    • Example Tweet: "I would love to chat more. or 415-555-4475! Thx."

  • Send a series of tweets, at once, to the target candidate.

    • This will allow you more space for customization, and if done well, will present more real estate for your message on the candidate's Twitter "Notification" tab, and his or her phone.

      Figure One: Example of multiple tweets sent to a passive candidate within TalentBin's social inbox.


  • User your personal account if possible. Don't use a corporate or corporate recruiting account, which will make your outreach look less personalized and relevant.


Things to Avoid

  • Don't send a bunch of identical templated tweets in quick succession to many candidates. Spend time customizing your engagement with each passive candidate. Using the targeted information about their skills found in TalentBin, to show why you think that person would be a good fit, will prove that you care.

  • Don't send more than 5 tweets to a single candidate. That will blow up their phone. Tweet just enough to show you did the heavy qualification work, but not that you're a stage 5 clinger.

  • Don't only have candidate outreach on your Twitter profile. Tweet other stuff too, ideally technically oriented. Or about sports. Or the weather. Or industry news. Just show that you are a human.

 Example of a Twitter Outreach
  • Start out with a customized introductory tweet. Could be a series.

    • "Hey Ignacio! Love what you did at MasterBranch and TalentBin!"

    • "We're hiring awesome engineers over here at New Relic, and you look awesome."

    • "Also, we have a bunch of Spaniards over here. Paella anyone? ; )"

  • Use a template and include a link to your career site and/or particular req.

  • Use a template with your contact information.

    • Example Tweet: "I would love to chat more. or 415-555-4475! Thx."


Using Templates


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