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Created: Dec 08, 2014 01:52PM PST      Updated: Dec 09, 2015 10:28AM PST
To add a new template, click on the arrow next to your name in the top right corner, choose 'Account preferences' and then choose 'Manage templates and campaigns.'

Click the add new template button to add a new template.

Figure One: Adding a New Template.

Note: Make sure to follow the name convention below, such that the templates are all together in the Template management page (http://www.talentbin.com/templateadmin), and also show up together in the Contact UI.

Figure Two: Templates Grouped together in the Template Management Page.

Figure Three: Templates Grouped Together in the Contact UI.

Example Twitter Templates:

Title: Twitter Template - Generic Careers Page Tweet


Content: We love awesome folks like you! Come work for us! {!COMPANY_JOBS_PAGE}




Title: Twitter Template - Twitter Contact Details


Content: Would love to chat. Email is {!USER_EMAIL} and cell is {!USER_PHONE}. Looking forward to it! ; )




Title: Twitter Template - Generic Engineering Role


Content: Hey {!CANDIDATE_FNAME}! Hiring awesome devs over here at TalentBin. Think you'll like what we're up to. Hit me at {!USER_EMAIL}.




Title: Twitter Template - Meetup Invite Template


Content: Yo! You up for our rubyist beer bash / hackathon meetup later this week? Hit me at {!USER_EMAIL} for details.

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