Hiding a Profile from All Folders

Created: Jan 29, 2015 12:03PM EST      Updated: Jun 13, 2017 11:00AM EST
In TalentBin, you have the option of hiding any profile from all search folders. This is a bin-wide feature that will hide that profile from all current and future searches for all users at your organization.

Q: Why would I want to hide a profile universally?
A: There are a number of reasons why you may wish to do this. For example:
  • Passive candidate is already an employee.
  • Passive candidate is already in an existing relationship in your ATS.
  • Passive candidate has replied to previous messaging indicating no current or future interest.
  • Passive candidate has already been vetted by you and determined to be a "universal bad fit."
Note: We do not suggest using this feature for incorrectly matched profiles. The best practice is to continue to report suspected bad matches so they can be corrected and you can reach out to the intended source.

To hide a profile from all folders, simply change the stage from the search results or the candidate profile page to "Hide from all folders."

Whenever you make this selection, you'll be reminded that this will hide the profile for all users in your organization.

Figure One: Hide from all folders option added to the staging drop-down menu.

Reviewing or restoring a profile or multiple profiles that are hidden

If at any time you wish to review all of the hidden passive candidate profiles in your bin and/or restore any or all profiles, simply click on Settings in the top right corner and choose Account Preferences. Then select 'Unhide profiles you have hidden' from Your team's CRM settings menu, as shown below.

Figure Two: Unhide profiles you have hidden.

Steps to Unhide
  1. Click manage profiles.
  2. Click on the profile image of the profiles you'd like to restore or click the checkbox at the top to select all profiles on the page. (An additional optional will appear to select all profiles, if you've hidden more than 30 profiles, the limit displayed on a single page.)
  3. Click the unhide button to restore the selected profiles.
Be careful! There is no confirmation or undo. The profiles you have chosen to restore will now be released and once again searchable.

Note: You can also use the keyword search filter to find matching hidden profiles you wish to select and restore, which can be useful if there are multiple pages of hidden profiles in your bin or you wish to match on previously hidden criteria.

Figure Three: Unhiding profiles.
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