Create a Custom Automated Follow-up Campaign

Created: Feb 03, 2015 09:55AM PST      Updated: Oct 13, 2017 09:35AM PDT
You can create an unlimited number of Automated Follow-up Campaigns!

Each Automated Follow-up Campaign can target a specific role or even a client for whom you're recruiting. Each campaign can be customized to have a specific number of templated messages, sent at whatever number of days apart you choose. You can also designate which Stage candidates who don't respond will end up in once the campaign is finished.

You can also create your campaign from scratch or use our Guided Campaign feature.

Getting Started

We usually recommend creating the templates you want to use for your follow-up campaign before creating the campaign itself.
  1. Click "Your Settings" in the top right corner of any page.
  2. Select "Manage templates and campaigns".
  3. Click over to the "Campaigns" section.
  4. Click the green "Add new campaign" button.
  5. You'll be prompted to choose which type of campaign you'd like to create.
choose your campaign type
Automated Follow-Up Campaign vs. Drip Marketing Campaign

Q: What is the difference between an Automated Follow-up Campaign and a Drip Marketing Campaign?
  • An Automated Follow-up Campaign is used to automate follow-up on initial customized outreach. These message don’t have subject lines and appear as part of an email thread, referencing the initial message. Each candidate is manually enrolled during first contact. Read more.​
  • Drip Marketing Campaign is used to proactively manage iterative email communication with any segment of a passive candidate pipeline. These messages have individual subject lines. Each candidate is enrolled through the candidate detail page. Read more.
Create New Campaign
  1. Give the campaign a name.
  2. Choose the end stage.
  3. Select the first template to use in your campaign.
  4. Add additional templates by clicking on the "Add new template" button.
By default the end stage will be "Not interested" and the number of days before they are staged will be 7. These can be changed at any time by clicking on the gear icon of the Configuration panel of your campaign.
Create New Campaign
Note: Enrolling someone in a Drip Marketing Campaign from the candidate detail page is no longer an option unless you've previously contacted the candidate. The Add to campaign button will be greyed out initially.
Campaign Options

Once You've Created a Campaign...
  • Choose an existing template (or templates) or create a new template
  • Customize variables to give your campaign messages a personal touch
  • Specify number of days to wait from previous template before sending
  • Repeat until all of your campaign templates are in place

Enroll a Passive Candidate

To enroll a candidate, reach out via email, as before, but now when you click the checkbox to add to an Automated Follow-up Campaign, you have the additional option of choosing which Automated Follow-up Campaign to enroll the candidate in.


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