When to use an Automated Follow-up Campaign and when to use a Drip Marketing Campaign

Created: Feb 11, 2015 05:46PM PST      Updated: Dec 08, 2015 01:12PM PST
You can use two different types of campaigns with TalentBin:
  • Automated follow-up campaigns
  • Drip marketing campaigns​
Automated follow-up campaigns are used to send automatic follow-up emails on your behalf after an initial custom outreach.
  • You will select which automated follow-up campaign you want to use at the same time you send your initial outreach to the candidate.
  • Templates inside of automated follow-up campaigns don’t have subject lines because they are sent as a reply in the original email thread, which allows you to reference the initial outreach email.
Drip marketing campaigns are used to enable and simplify ongoing email communication with any segment of your passive candidate pipeline.
  • You can add a candidate to a drip marketing campaign from the candidate profile page.
  • Templates inside of drip marketing campaigns each have individual subject lines because they are sent as separate emails, which allows you to come up with interesting subject lines for each email to maximize open rates!
So how do you know when to use which kind of campaign? Well, they aren't mutually exclusive. Let's use the analogy of fishing to see how you could use both types of campaigns.

When to use an Automated Follow-up Campaign
In our analogy, let's pretend that each type of fish represents a different job requisition you're attempting to fill.

You've been tasked with landing a halibut, a shark, and a rainbow trout.

Each type of fish will require a specific "hook" and bait. The bait, in this case, will be your automated follow-up messages. By creating a different set of automated messages for each of these roles, you've adopted your bait to account for local fishing conditions and the fact that some fish like live bait and some like casting flies and some, like our shark, prefer humans on surf boards.

An automated follow-up campaign is really just a container for a bunch of pieces of bait that you're going to dangle in front of your specific fish. The campaign is like fishing with a sonar device in that it removes a lot of the guesswork and increases the likelihood that you'll succeed through the use of applied technology and the appearance of a little persistence.

If the fish isn't biting today, perhaps 3 days later, with a slightly different bait, it will. If not, let's wait 5 more days and try again. And so forth.

Why multiple automated follow-up campaigns? If one type of campaign works for one type of fish, it might not work for others. You'll need to adapt accordingly.

When to use a Drip Marketing Campaign
Once you've landed the fish, that's where you wish to use a Drip Marketing Campaign.

Perhaps the fish is too small. It needs to be put back in the pond to mature a while. Let's tag it and track it and ping it every so often so it knows we're still interested in it. One day fish, you'll be be mine!

Once again, we can automate that process as well and, meanwhile, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

Q​uestions? Thoughts? Either c​ontact your Product Specialist, reach out to us at support@talentbin.com anytime, or leave a comment below!
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