Unable to Interact with TalentBin (Page Doesn't Load)

Created: Mar 13, 2015 10:34AM PDT      Updated: Oct 21, 2015 10:30AM PDT
Q: I'm unable to click on any of the tabs or buttons in TalentBin or text fields or buttons don't appear or act like they should.

A: This problem is most likely occurring due to one or more of the following reasons:
  • Browser extensions are conflicting with TalentBin.
  • Networking issues.
  • IT policy issues.
Note: Make sure your browser is up-to-date. Make sure cookies and javascript are both enabled.

Has IT blocked Javascript calls?
You can test this by opening your Javascript console and seeing if there are errors communicating with the calls being made by TalentBin.

To open the Console tab, do one of the following:• Use the keyboard shortcut Command + Option + J (Mac) or Control + Shift + J (Windows/Linux). • Select > More Tools > JavaScript Console .

Figure One: Example of a Javascript Console open while attempting to use TalentBin, returning ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED errors.

If you see errors like this you would need to escalate the issue to your IT department. You could also confirm that it is an IT policy issue by trying to use TalentBin on another network, like from home.

Does the issue occur in one or multiple browsers?
If the issue is isolated to one browser, it may be a problem with a browser extension causing a conflict. One thing you can try is to temporarily disable all of your Google Chrome extensions. Here is an extension you can install from the Chrome store to temporarily disable other extensions with one click:

Disable Chrome Extensions

If TalentBin begins to function properly once your extensions are disabled, you can try adding each extension back one by one to determine which one is causing the problem.

Are you experiencing network connectivity issues?
You can also try to test your network connection and escalate to your IT department if you are unable to connect for any reason or your browser seems unresponsive.
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