Current List of Explode Terms

Created: Mar 30, 2015 04:17PM PDT      Updated: Mar 22, 2016 01:45PM PDT

In TalentBin, we try to streamline the recruiting workflow as much as possible, since we know our users are often pressed for time. One of the features we have built in to the tool to make searching more efficient is the “Explode Term."

On a very basic level, these are just s​earch keywords that will have synonyms attached. For example, if you use our explode term for “Software Engineer”, the search will include 17 related terms (i.e. Developer, Programmer, Architect, etc.):

Figure 1: Software Engineer "Explode Term" with Synonym List

For a more complete overview of Explode Terms, check out our Basic Search FAQ or our video on Synonyms, Explode Terms, and Type-aheads

Below you will find our current list of explode terms, split into four different categories. However, before we click into the explode term lists, let's learn how we can use them as a reverse lookup feature!

 To see the current list of explode terms, please choose a category from the list below:

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