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The Drip Marketing Campaign feature is a dynamic and flexible tool you can use to speed up your workflow and save you lots of time! Let’s take a deeper dive and learn how you can best use this feature.

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How It Works


A common use for the drip marketing campaign is to stay connected with “future opportunity” candidates. Let’s say you had a great conversation with a candidate but they were not looking for a change at the time, you can place them on a drip campaign to keep them warm in case they want to talk again in the future. The main idea here is not only to stay connected to the candidate, but also convince candidates to have another conversation by “dripping” intriguing facts or announcements about your company or agency.


Similar to the automated follow-up campaign feature, you will need to choose specific templates to place within your campaign. The timing and content of these messages will be completely customizable, but common examples include:

  • Recent awards

  • Glassdoor ratings

  • Mobile app downloads

  • Company perks (i.e. location, company paid-lunches, etc.)

  • And many more!

Here's an example of a drip marketing email, specifically about company awards:




To set up your own personalized drip marketing campaign, you will just need to follow these easy steps:

  1. After logging into TalentBin, navigate to "Your Settings" in the top right corner of the page, then select "Manage templates and campaigns"

  2. Navigate to the Campaigns section then click "Add New Campaign" and select the second option, for “Drip Marketing Campaign”


  3. Hit “Next” on the create a campaign window to give it a title and make sure the options are set correctly. You will then be asked to add a template to the campaign, if you don’t have a template built out yet, hit create new template (See Templates for help with creating a set of templates to add to the campaign).


  4. Once you have added a template to the campaign, either by creating one or adding an existing template, you will be brought to the campaign dashboard. On this page, you will be able to view and manage all the candidates that you add to your drip campaign. Also, you will be able to add new templates into the campaign using the “Add new template” button shown in the image below:


  5. To add a candidate to a drip marketing campaign, you must first send them a separate outreach message, and not use an Automated follow-up campaign. If you've done both of these things, then on a candidate’s profile page, you will see a small button near “Contact”, that reads “Add to campaign”. This will be our tool for adding candidates.


  6. After you hit the “Add to campaign” button a pop-up will appear with a drop down to select the campaign you wish to use. Hit the correct campaign, and then select “Add to campaign.”


  7. You’re all set! The candidate has been added to the drip marketing campaign!




Subject Lines


It’s very important when creating a drip marketing campaign to include catchy and personalized subject lines. This is notably different from our automated follow-up campaign, where we restrict users from using a subject line (in order to keep the email chain intact). However, subject lines are going to be very important when crafting a drip campaign, because each email will be on a separate thread. Here’s some examples of stellar drip marketing subject lines:

  • Hey John Doe! Have you checked out our iOS apps on the Apple App Store?

  • It’s been a few months. Send me your latest resume!

  • Innovative products that lead the market take amazing staff!


If you are having trouble thinking of great subject lines, you can always use the built-in subject lines from the Example Drip Marketing Campaign Templates article!


Removing Candidates from a Campaign


If you need to stop a campaign to a candidate, just go to that candidate’s TalentBin profile page and click "Stop campaign for this candidate" below the contact button.

Alternately, you can manage all of your campaigns and remove any or all candidates easily from the new campaign dashboard.


Things to Note

  • You must send an outreach message to a candidate before adding them to a drip campaign.
  • You will not be able to add a candidate to a drip campaign if they are currently on an Automated Follow-up campaign.
  • Once you remove the candidate from the drip campaign, you will not be able to re-add them to the same campaign. So, choose wisely!
  • Unlike an Automated Follow-up campaign, you can add candidates to a campaign even if you've messaged them in the past.
  • There is a candidate enrollment limit for campaigns. You can only have 500 enrolled simultaneously in both automated follow-ups and drip marketing.

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