New Data Sources: Lanyrd and Slideshare

Created: Apr 23, 2015 02:32PM PDT      Updated: Dec 07, 2015 11:27AM PST

Introducing two additional data sources to complement candidate profiles in TalentBin: Lanyrd and Slideshare.

Let’s learn more about these two data goldmines!




Lanyrd is a conference directory where users can browse interesting conferences to attend, connect with other conference attendees, and share their experiences. With Lanyrd, you can see attendee and speaker lists and other information, all from within TalentBin.

Figure 1: Lanyrd data under "Professional Interests" on the candidate profile page


Q: Why is it helpful to know if a candidate attended a conference? 

Similar to a Ruby Meetup, if you know a candidate attended a conference on Ruby, for example, you can confidently infer that candidate has a strong interest in Ruby development. Not only is this information helpful when assessing and staging candidates, but it is highly valuable when crafting outreach emails. Here's some examples of messaging using Lanyrd data: 

  • "Hey Jill! Loved your talk on Javascript at BDD Kickstart!"

  • "I saw your discussion on Ruby on Rails on Lanyrd, very impressive! I wanted to reach out about a Ruby position here at {COMPANY_NAME}."


Slideshare is a slide deck database, where users can upload and share presentations (e.g. PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, etc.). In TalentBin, you can pull data about the presentation, and the tags associated with that deck. User profiles on Slideshare also contain useful personal information such as job title, job industry, location, and candidate summary statements, all now accessible in TalentBin.

Figure 2: Slideshare data under "Professional Interests" on the candidate profile page


Q: How does a slide deck help me find the right candidate?
TalentBin draws implicit skill data from the tags on Slideshare, and funnel that specific data into a candidates profile page. The tags on Slideshare are keywords, such as "Javascript", which makes it easy to match with other data about the candidate. However, most importantly, you can quickly reference a candidate’s slide deck in your outreach messaging:

  • "Hey John, exciting presentation on iOS Application Testing!"

  • "I noticed your slide deck about Javascript on Slideshare, and I was very impressed! I’m currently looking for someone with your skills."


Need a little more explanation about these two sites? TalentBin co-founder Pete Kazanjy is here to help with a brief overview.


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