The Facts - Understanding Software Developers in 2015

Created: Apr 29, 2015 10:02AM PDT      Updated: Oct 22, 2015 10:23AM PDT
As with any business problem, it's important to understand your market and your customers. The tech recruiters that can put themselves in the "developer's shoes" will have more success recruiting these individuals. 

Here's a fun developer fact: "The average developer drinks 2.2 servings of coffee, tea, Surge, or other caffeinated beverage every day. Nordic devs drink much more coffee than most."
(full survey here!)

So what does this mean for you? Well, along with your awesome recruiting email, send over a 6 pack of RedBull.. Kidding...well kinda. It wouldn't hurt! I guarantee you'd get an email response. And with the competition out there for tech recruiting these days, we might see a day in the near future where sending gifts becomes the norm :) 

But anyways, let's look at some facts that are slightly more relevant for your recruiting efforts right now! 

Check this out - according to Stack Overflow's Annual Survey: 

"For many developers, programming is a labor of love. 70% of respondents reported that they spend 2 or more hours per week programming either as a hobby or working on open source software. 20% of respondents spend more than 10 hours programming away from work. 
The average developer spends more than 7 hours per week coding on the side." Check out the full survey here! 

Why is this an important piece of data? You and I might head home from work and jump on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, ESPN, etc. and follow our favorite athletes, pin our favorite apartment decorating ideas, and follow business trends or celebrity trash talk. The developer? Well they might do these things as well, but they're spending at least an hour a day coding OUTSIDE of work. Where do they interact? Do they leave clues about what they're good at, interested in, and trying for the first time? You bet! 

So where can I find all of this juicy data?

- LinkedIn? Probably not. Rarely do developers update their LI. And if they do, well you're #3,756 to the party. Good luck getting your hands on some chips and guac. It was gone hours ago :) 
- Resume databases? Definitely not. 
- StackOverflow - Duh - they are following conversations, asking questions and answering questions about CODE! 
- GitHub - Can I get a Hell Yes? - they are literally observing code, contributing code, and starting projects for their peers to follow. 

Where else? They're attending Meetups, Tweeting about new topics in coding, and even leaving examples of their work in portfolios on sites like Dribbble and Carbonmade. See a more
 complete list here. 

Other super important facts about the developer community can be found here. Some of those topics include: 

1. The most loved, dreaded, and needed coding technologies. #1 Most Loved = Swift
2. Average salaries by technology. Are your offers competitive? Better check yourself. 
3. How do developers learn their craft? University, Self-taught, boot camps, other..
4. Which dev types are most satisfied with their roles? Who's ready for a switch!!?
5. How many devs work remotely? And how does that affect compensation package?
6. What are the age and gender breakdowns for developers? 

Okay, so now you're wearing the developer's shoes, slippers, UGGs, Crocs, whatever. What's next? How do I properly research a developer's background and then write a compelling message that will increase my chances of hearing back? You're in luck, TalentBin's Product Specialist team recorded webinars that explain everything you need to know. Check out the PowerPoint slides and/or videos in the below links. 

Webinar #1 - Dissecting TalentBin Data & Starting Your Message Template
Webinar #3 - Writing Better Subject Lines
Webinar #4 - Let TalentBin Automate your Follow Up! 

To sum up, the recruiters who go the extra mile to understand the realities, interests, and motivators for developers in today's market best equip themselves to make more placements faster. And hey, you might even make some friends and build some bridges for the future along the way. Too many recruiters do the opposite and they ruin the game for the rest of us. Stand apart. Take a new approach. Lead the way. 

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TJ Wynn is a TalentBin Product Specialist Team Lead and the creator of the TalentBin webinar series.

During his 2 years at the company, he has led both 1st month and Ongoing training teams, trained 1000+ recruiters, and is considered a subject matter expert in passive candidate outreach strategy.

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