Building a Healthcare Search

Created: May 07, 2015 01:42PM PDT      Updated: Dec 09, 2015 10:21AM PST
TalentBin for healthcare is a one of a kind product that aggregates online and offline web resources to create a vast candidate pool for your passive recruiting. Let's make sure you know how to best search our database to find promising healthcare professionals!

Here are our recommended steps to building a great healthcare search:

Step 1: Use Advanced Search

It is always recommended to use Advanced search in TalentBin, since you are able to search against specific fields and use multiple boolean modifiers (AND, OR, NOT). However, when creating a search for healthcare, your search tree should look slightly different than a technical or creative search. Simplicity is key!

How is a healthcare search different from a technical or creative search?

Unlike the technical or creative verticals, TalentBin gathers healthcare data primarily from licenses. And since the information will only include things that would appear on a license, we likely won't necessarily find things like management experience, proficiency with specific tools, or allied health professionals who are not licensed by state boards.

Also, many specialties do not appear on licenses, so you should start as general as possible and refine your search in stages to get the optimal balance of specificity while still getting a sizable pool of candidates.

The best strategy is to make a simple two-part search that includes both the profession (RN, Physician, etc.) and the specialty (Acute Care, Oncology, etc.). Using our
healthcare explode terms is very helpful, since they are optimized for differing terms on licenses across various states and also include a number of related skills for each keyword.

Figure 1: Running an advanced search using healthcare explode terms

Step 2:  Restrict to Location

Use our 
radius search like with all TalentBin searches. 

Figure 2: Adding a radial location to a healthcare search

However, keep in mind that some U.S. locations will return more results than others.

Why? A couple reasons: Not all states use the same terminology for specialty on licenses and some states don't include specialty at all. Also, we do not currently have all 50 states in our medical licensure database, but we are working towards adding them all! Here's our updated list of state licensure databases.

Step 3: Restrict to Healthcare Networks

The healthcare data in TalentBin primarily comes from 2 sources:
Because of this, we should always use our “Network Types” search filter to refine our search and restrict our results to candidates from those three sites that require a medical license.

Figure 3: Selecting healthcare specific network types

We know that in order for someone to be on those three sites, they need to be a licensed healthcare professional. So, instead of pulling back someone who just tweeted about going to the doctor, we'll only find healthcare professionals!

Step 4: Restrict by Available Contact (Phone or Email)

TalentBin's main deliverable for healthcare is contact discovery, but the first step should always be to restrict to the lower hanging fruit where we've already done the legwork for you and found someone’s contact information.

In order to restrict your search results to candidates with either phone numbers or email addresses currently tied to their profiles, you can use our “Available Contact” search filter. Simply check the boxes next to “Phone” and “Email”:

Figure 4: Selecting Phone and Email on "Available Contact"

TalentBin's for healthcare primarily provides phone numbers. While TalentBin has tons of functionality built around email, don't be afraid to pick up the phone and cold call, this is shown to be the most effective way to drive healthcare placements!

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