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Created: May 11, 2015 10:00AM PDT      Updated: Dec 09, 2015 10:22AM PST
Once you create an ideal healthcare search in TalentBin, the next step is to start assessing and staging your candidates. The best way to do this is to click into a candidate's profile to gather more information.

​What should we look for on a healthcare profile?


Our professional skill data is always going to be the most essential component of any TalentBin profile, regardless of the vertical.

On a healthcare profile, these skills will provide us with information about a candidate’s specialties as available (i.e. Operating Room, Acute Care, Neurology, etc.). Keep in mind that TalentBin is not a resume database and skills are mostly focused on licensure data.

Figure 1: Skills section on a typical healthcare profile.


The “Licenses” section is a unique component to healthcare profiles. You can use this information to easily qualify the candidate as a licensed professional who may be worth a call.

Figure 2: Healthcare license data on TalentBin

You can also use the license number to verify and find more information online. HIPAAsource is a great resource for license verification of physicians and Nurse Practitioners, or as a courtesy, you can search for your specific state license verification via Google search bar below.

Please enter the profession, the state, and the words “License Verification” into the box below and run a Google search:

You should be able to find the license verification database near the top of the search results for any given state.

Phone Numbers

Phone is our main contact channel for healthcare talent in TalentBin (
our tech recruiting product is more focused on providing email addresses). When it comes to healthcare, cold calling qualified candidates is essential to building your pipeline. Cold calling isn't the most fun part of your workday, but it is proven to be a major driver of candidate interviews. Give it a shot! We also often have an email contact for some candidates, which will allow you to take advantage of our great integrated email features like Automated follow-up Campaigns.

To find a candidate's phone number, click the green "Contact" button on the top right corner of the profile page. (Keep in mind, if you use the
search filter for phone number when building the search, there will always be a phone number attached)

Figure 3: Finding phone number on profile page

A few things to note about phone numbers:
  • Please report profiles that have disconnected or incorrect phone numbers attached. This helps us make sure that our contact information database is as up-to-date as possible, and will help users like you in the future! To do this, hit "Report" on a profile, then select "Bad contact channel" on the drop down:

Figure 4: Reporting a bad contact (phone number) on a profile
  • Also, if TalentBin doesn't already have a phone number listed for the candidate, you may be able to find one using "Map this Address" at the bottom of a profile. This feature provides a handy starter to find a corporate office phone number for someone. Keep in mind, not every address on TalentBin is an office address, but this feature can be a handy time saver.

Figure 5: Finding a phone number by using "Map this address"
  • Our email concierge service is helpful if you cannot find a phone number using "Map this address." For profiles without an email or a phone number, you can hit "Request email" under the Contact dropdown, and our concierge team will run an NPI database lookup to find a phone contact. This feature generally returns a business phone number and is most successful for Physicians, Therapists, Nurse Practitioners and other mid to high level roles.    

Staging and Tasks

Staging will be helpful to organize and keep track of the candidates you have already called.
  • For candidates that you call, you should stage them as "Attempting to Contact".
  • For candidates that you have had a conversation with, you can mark them as "In Discussion".
Using tasks will also be helpful to remind you to follow-up with a candidate. For example, you can set a reminder task for one week in the future to call a candidate, and then you will see it under the "Tasks" page.

Figure 6: Adding a "Follow-up call" task

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