TalentBin Recruiting Success Stories

Created: May 12, 2015 11:31AM PDT      Updated: Nov 14, 2016 10:37AM PST
Our users constantly help us drive TalentBin forward and expand into new verticals by providing insightful feedback. But, we also simply love to hear about successes and hires made directly from using the tool!

And, so far, recruiters haven't been shy about sharing their love for TalentBin! 

Here's what some of our users have told us recently:
  • Lisa at ARG: "Thanks to TalentBin by Monster, I have been able to discover more candidates from a better pool of talent, boost my outreach efforts, and see higher email open and response rates... And, while all of those things are obviously wonderful, the most important metric I have seen as a direct result of using TalentBin is an increase in the number of deals that I close—and that is really what matters the most. "
  • Kailey at Bottomline Technologies: “TalentBin by Monster has been really helpful because it saves me time when I’m hunting for people. It pulls up all the different relevant sites and saves me from having to conduct intensive searches on GitHub or Drupal."
  • Rhiannon at cPanel: "TalentBin by Monster puts everything right at my fingertips and it’s amazing how much information they manage to dig up and provide. I love their integrated email function and click-tracking service..."
  • Cheri at Gorilla Logic: "We only recently started using the TalentBin by Monster platform, but since signing on as clients, we’ve been getting a much higher percentage of replies from the candidates we contact, and tons of candidate engagement at the top of our funnel."
  • Natalie at Shapeways: "TalentBin by Monster has been a great tool to have at my disposal because it aggregates information from a number of different sites, which saves me time while still equipping me with the details I need to construct outreach that is specific and skillfully targeted."
Read more from these users and other similar accounts using the links below (Click "Open PDF" to view a full Success Story):
Company Name Success Story
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Open PDF
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Extole Open PDF
Gorilla Logic Open PDF
iRise Open PDF
Liaison International Open PDF
Pariveda Open PDF
Search Leaders Open PDF
Shapeways Open PDF
Talener Open PDF
Transamerica Open PDF
Trilogy Open PDF
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Xcelerate Solutions Open PDF
XO Group Open PDF

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