Adding Your Own Candidates to TalentBin

Created: May 14, 2015 10:43AM PDT      Updated: Apr 11, 2017 11:17AM PDT
Now you can add your own candidates directly into TalentBin!

This option is available on both the Manage and Source pages, under the additional filters on the left side of either page.

Note: This feature is currently only available for U.S. based customers!

Why add a new candidate to TalentBin?

Our goal is to have a profile for every candidate. Until we get there, though, a candidate you're excited about recruiting may not already have a TalentBin profile.

Once you add a candidate to TalentBin, you can use all of the rich CRM features that are currently part of your TalentBin passive candidate recruitment strategy, including:
  • Taking advantage of messaging features, such as open and click tracking.
  • Placing the new candidates on an automated follow-up or drip marketing campaign.
  • Using stages to keep track of the new candidates in your pipeline.

How do I use this feature?
  1. Click “Add Candidate to TalentBin” on either Source or Manage.

"Add Candidate to TalentBin" button on Source (Left) and Manage (Right)
  1. Enter the candidate's Full Name, Phone Number, Email address, any related URLs (i.e. a link to one of their public Web Profiles), and/or a Private Attachment. Note: If you click the last URL field, it will automatically create a new URL field.
  1. Click 'Save.'
The new profile is now created, and you can now place that candidate in a folder, reach out to them using “Contact”, and/or place them in a campaign!


Here’s a complete walkthrough animation:


Will more information get added to the profile over time?

Yes. Once created, the new candidate profile will automatically enter our matching and crawling queues.
  • Matching: TalentBin's matching algorithm will check if the profile already exists elsewhere in TalentBin and if it does, it will combine the two profiles. In other words, we will make sure you don’t have two (or more) of the same candidate in the database.
  • Crawling: If the profile is brand new, our crawlers will start to match other web profiles to the new profile. This process will not be immediate, but if you check back on the profile over time, there will be more data attached. Give us the foundation and we’ll handle the rest!

Why do I want additional matching and crawling?

Whenever TalentBin identifies and matches existing networks for a candidate profile you've previously added, it increases both the amount and depth of information available to you. Even if it's a candidate whom you know well, it's likely that TalentBin will help you discover new information--new skills, new interests, new areas of focus--that you can use in your outreach.

What if I don't want TalentBin to crawl and match the new candidate profile?

You can still enter phone and email information on any profile directly from the contact page by clicking on the green "Contact" button and choosing the last option "+ Add contact info."

What does the upload attachment option mean when adding a profile?

This option is part of our Private Attachment feature. At a basic level, it allows you to attach a file to a profile (i.e. a resume), in order to organize and keep track of candidates in your pipeline. You can read about this tool in more depth here.


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