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Created: May 28, 2015 10:18AM PDT      Updated: Dec 09, 2015 11:03AM PST
In order to find the best Cloud technology professionals in TalentBin, we recommend using our built-in Cloud explode terms. These type-aheads will not only save you time by including a range of related technologies to broaden your searches, but they will also capture a much stronger pool of candidates.
  • Cloud Platforms - A list of 82 known Cloud platforms. Note: If you do not see one or more of the platforms you are looking for, go ahead and add them to the synonyms list or in another field.
  • Cloud Technology Companies - A list of 70 companies that specialize in Cloud technology
  • AWS / Amazon Web Services - A list of 13 skills specifically related to AWS

Still confused? Don't worry, we've built out a couple example searches to get you going. Go ahead and click on one of the developer positions below to build out an example search tree directly in your bin: Please note: These example searches are just starting points; you will need to add more skills, the location of the req, and search filters to build an ideal search.

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