TalentBin User Certification Program

Created: Jun 03, 2015 05:25PM EST      Updated: Oct 20, 2015 12:54PM EST

The TalentBin User Certification Program allows individuals to showcase their understanding of passive recruiting and their proficiency with TalentBin.

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Why get certified?

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How to prepare

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In addition to an awesome medal with our mascots, this certification will help advance your career. Find out how to prepare for the exam and where to find learning materials Take the TalentBin certification test online now.
It's free!


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Become a passive recruiting expert

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Stand out and get recognized 

Demonstrate your mastery of the TalentBin tool and passive recruiting best practices Show your stuff—Times are changing and passive recruiting is moving to the forefront as a recruiting technique—don't get left behind Pass the test and get recognized—you'll receive a certificate, some TalentBin schwag, a LinkedIn badge, and an endorsement from your Product Specialist!


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Exam Guide

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TalentBin Getting Started Guide
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TalentBin Self-Start Video Guide
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TalentBin Support Portal

Click here to take the exam!


Q​uestions? Thoughts? Either c​ontact your Product Specialist, reach out to us at support@talentbin.com anytime, or leave a comment below!
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