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Created: Jun 23, 2015 07:01PM EST      Updated: Dec 09, 2015 01:49PM EST
The reason finding candidates who are willing to relocate is challenging in TalentBin, is that people usually don't provide this data publicly online. Since TalentBin relies on publicly available data from a number of web profiles in order to compile our candidate profiles, our relocation data is going to be sparse (or almost non-existent).

Have you ever written "Willing to Relocate" in a Facebook post? Not many people have!

Due to this, TalentBin has no current option or search filter for finding candidates willing to relocate. However, there are a few strategies you can use in these scenarios:​


1. Radius Expansion

The most effective practice for these reqs is slowly expanding the
radius of the search to include a larger pool of candidates. 

Your company or client might not have an issue with relocating a candidate, but wouldn't they rather save some money and find someone local?

You can start a search with a default 50 mile radius, then once you assess/contact the candidates who fall under that radius, you can expand to 100 miles in order to pull in more results. Then, maybe 150 miles, then 200, and continue outwards:


2. Nationwide Searches

If you want to capture the largest possible set of candidate across a particular country, we can ignore the postal code field when entering a location for your search. Instead, just select the country on the "Located anywhere" drop down menu for custom location.

For example, if you want to run a nationwide search in the U.S., simply select "United States" in this menu and run the search:


Note: You can run a worldwide search by keeping the selection as the default "Located anywhere".

3. Messaging

In most cases, it will be beneficial to include the relocation provision in your outreach email to the candidate. Not only will this serve as leverage to sway a candidate (in cases where the location of the job is appealing), but it will also allow them to qualify themselves right away.

Similar to our suggestions for qualifying
U.S. citizens or contract roles, you can mention that relocation is an option for the candidate in your first email.

You could also create a "location benefits" outreach template that sells the candidate on moving to your city. Include details such as:
  • Distance to parks, beaches, ski resorts, etc. (We have an amazing view of Venice Beach from our office)
  • Access to public transportation (Our office is just a short walk from the Powell BART station)
  • Weather (With an average temperature of 86 degrees, Los Angeles is a great place to call home!)

If you need an example template to use, try our "Amenities (Office Location)" template from our Guided Campaign flow:


We here at {!COMPANY_NAME} believe that it's the people that make a company awesome. That being said, awesome people need an awesome place to work.

The {!COMPANY_NAME} team is located at {!COMPANY_ADDRESS}


The point is, you have to invest in your team in order to get amazing outcomes, and one of the ways we do that is through a killer office location.

If this is the sort of organization you could see yourself at, I would love to talk more with you about it! Just hit me back at {!USER_EMAIL} or ring me / text me at {!USER_PHONE}.


phone: {!USER_PHONE}


Please Note: This example uses our template variables. In order to use it, you will want to fill out your template variables page in your account preferences. (Company Address and Benefits of Location)

4. Target College Towns

If you are working on a entry-level or associate-level position, the best candidates to target for relocation might be college students. Since students aren't necessarily deeply rooted in one location after graduating, it should be easier to convince them to move to your city for a position.

For example, you could try a small radius search in Cambridge, MA, which is home to Harvard and MIT:


5. Optional Relocation Terms in Search

The last method you might want to try is to add various relocation terms into the search. However, you will want to make those terms optional or "nice to haves" by changing the green checkmark​ ( to a yellow plus sign (

By setting them as optional, the system will bring the candidates who have publicly mentioned relocation to the top of the search results.

Why not make these terms required?

TalentBin compiles profiles based on a person's activity and data around the web. If these terms were required and someone didn't
specifically mention the terms "relocate" or "relocation", they would not be returned in the search. 

Also, not only would we eliminate a significant portion of our candidate pool because they didn't publicly state they are willing to relocate, we would also potentially pulling back unqualified candidates. If a candidate mentioned "I'm not willing to relocate" on a Twitter post, for example, they would come up in the search because of the term "relocate". (Note: This can still happen in an when designating the terms as optional)

So, please use this method with caution, and keep in mind it might return some bad fits!

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