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Created: Jul 23, 2015 03:28PM PDT      Updated: May 04, 2017 09:29AM PDT
If you speak to a member of the customer success team here at TalentBin, he or she will tell you that the key to driving success with the tool (i.e. making placements) is personalization of outreach emails.

We try to make this process efficient by providing easily consumable snippets of candidate's professional and personal activity data that you can use in your outreach email.

However, we've noticed many of our users struggle to find the time to include this information in their outreach emails. So, we thought we could continue to help you when it comes to personalization, and remove one more step from your workflow.

There are three main areas to focus on when authoring a personalized outreach email to a candidate:
  1. Web Profiles
  2. Professional Interests/Skills
  3. Personal/Other Interests
In the past, we've instructed our users to pull in information from at least one of these areas for every candidate they contact. This feature makes that process almost automatic using template variables.

There are 9 template variables that will pull in this information from a candidate's profile page automatically. You will want to do a quick proofread and add any additional customization before you hit send, which makes these variables most suitable for inclusion in any of your initial contact templates.

New Variable List
  • Candidate professional interest #1: {!CANDIDATE_PRO_INTEREST1}
  • Candidate professional interest #2: {!CANDIDATE_PRO_INTEREST2}
  • Candidate professional interest #3: {!CANDIDATE_PRO_INTEREST3}
  • Candidate personal interest #1: {!CANDIDATE_PER_INTEREST1}
  • Candidate personal interest #2: {!CANDIDATE_PER_INTEREST1}
  • Candidate personal interest #3: {!CANDIDATE_PER_INTEREST1}
  • Candidate web profile #1: {!CANDIDATE_WEB_PROFILE1}
  • Candidate web profile #2: {!CANDIDATE_WEB_PROFILE2}
  • Candidate web profile #3: {!CANDIDATE_WEB_PROFILE3}
These are pulled based on the relative reporting weight of each item, so the strongest three items in each category appear. That means the candidate's three most active web profiles as well as the top three personal and professional interests that they mention the most across those web profiles.

Now, let's take a look at how to use them.


1. Go to your Manage Templates and Campaigns page: (
Your Settings >
Manage Templates and Campaigns)

2. Choose the template you want to edit or create a brand new template.



3. Select one of the new template variables you want to use by selecting the specific variable in the "Pick a Variable" menu on the right side of the "Edit template" window. 

4. Copy and paste the variable string into your template.

5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 if you want to add additional personalization variables. (Note: We recommend at least having one Web Profile variable and one Professional Interest variable in your template. However, the more the merrier!)

6. Once you are done adding your variables, click "Save template."

7. Now, w
hen the email is sent to a candidate, our system will replace the variable with information from their TalentBin profile!
8. In the new compose view, you will see these variables highlighted in yellow.
If you would like to switch one of the terms the variables pulled in with something else from the candidate's profile, all you have to do is click on the highlighted variable, then choose another term to swap it with from the list of Web Profiles or Candidate Interests.


Example Template
Need some help thinking of a way to use the new variables? Don't worry, here's an example you can copy and paste into your account:

Subject Line: Hi {!CANDIDATE_FNAME}! I noticed your {!CANDIDATE_PRO_INTEREST1} skills and you're on {!CANDIDATE_WEB_PROFILE1}


I was just cruising around the web and saw your {!CANDIDATE_WEB_PROFILE1} and {!CANDIDATE_WEB_PROFILE2} profiles. I was impressed by your activity in {!CANDIDATE_PRO_INTEREST1}, {!CANDIDATE_PRO_INTEREST2}, {!CANDIDATE_PRO_INTEREST3}.

I'm an internal technical recruiter for {!COMPANY_NAME}, and we are looking for talented  [Insert Name of the Role, i.e. Java Developers] to join our team. Based on what you've been doing on those sites, I'm confident you would be a great fit!

More about what it's like to work here and our open roles here: {!COMPANY_JOBS_PAGE}.

Would you be interested in a quick phone call to hear more and give me an opportunity to learn about you and your career?

Just reply to get the conversation started, or just give me a call right here: {!USER_PHONE}.



phone: {!USER_PHONE}

+++++++++++++++More about {!COMPANY_NAME} +++++++++++++++


Order of Variable Selection

We will pull the corresponding professional and personal interests based on their skill ratings (1-4 Stars). These ratings are not based on your search or your req!

Due to this, a skill that you are not specifically looking for could be pulled and replace a "Professional Interest" variable. In other words, if you are looking for a Java Developer, and "Java" is rated 3 stars on a candidate's profile, a 4 star rated skill might be pulled first.

You may be asking yourself, how do we make sure the skill we are looking for ends up in the template?

It's simple! Add the term to your template manually! For example, if you're looking for a .NET engineer, your template might lead with something like: 

"I see you have mad {!CANDIDATE_PRO_INTEREST1} skills and are on {!CANDIDATE_WEB_PROFILE1}. Respect! I'm looking for a .NET engineer. Know anyone who might be interested?"

Please Note: This is not going to be a perfect solution for personalization, and you should still continue to manually customize each template before sending. One issue that occasionally comes up is that the top professional interest is not always necessarily reflected on the top web profile, so it's always useful to check before sending.

Also, currently, you may have to change some variables, or remove unrelated information that the variables pull back (particularly with the other interests variables), but this solution will definitely save you a lot of time!


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