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Created: Jul 23, 2015 03:31PM PDT      Updated: Apr 18, 2017 02:08PM PDT
A successful TalentBin workflow always starts with building a strong and refined Boolean search.

The advice and best practices we constantly reinforce when talking about crafting emails, using campaigns, and staging your pipeline are all contingent on creating an accurate search. By pulling back a solid pool of candidates for a job requisition, you ensure that your emails end up in the right hands!

While our
product specialists are always happy to help you build a search for a new req, let's face it, we don't have the capability to help with every search. Instead, our engineers devised an exciting feature that will significantly cut down the time you spend crafting a TalentBin search.

Enter Job Req Translator!

By simply copying and pasting your entire job description into TalentBin, this feature will automatically pull relevant terms from your req and create a search with a workable pool of candidates. 



1. Currently, there are three methods to open the Job Req Translator window:
  • There is an option to create a search under "Add Candidate to TalentBin" on the source page. (Under the search filters on the left-hand side of Source)
  • After creating a folder, you will get a pop up asking if you want to use Job Req Translator.

2. Copy and paste in your job description.

3. Press “Create my search!”



This feature will not only pull back the particular keywords from a job description, but also the location data to use in the search. 

If the location isn't listed in the description, or there is no specific location, auto-search will notice and give you the option to add the location.
Note: If you are using a job req with a "bad" location you will also be prompted to add a location. For example, if the req listed the location as "Campbell, Calf", instead of "Campbell, CA" or "Campbell, California".

Number of Search Results

As we mentioned above, we generally aim for the number of search results to be around 100 to 200 candidates. When the results pool is about this size, it gives you a manageable number of candidates to stage and contact in one sitting, and it usually indicates the search accurately reflects the keywords on the req.

So, we've placed logic algorithms into the Job Req Translator that will attempt to force the number of results to fall within this range (100-200 results).

There are a number of areas the Job Req Translator might tweak the search to pull back this number of candidates:
  1. Switching required ()​ search terms to optional (), or vice versa

  2. Expanding and retracting the location mileage radius

  3. Adding or removing search filters (i.e. "Email" under "Available Contact", or selecting a "Network Type" such as Github or StackOverflow)
Note: Your results may be lower than 100 or higher then 200, depending on your location and difficulty of your req.

Important Note

Every search built by Job Req Translator should be considered a jumpstart or framework for the ideal TalentBin search. To match your exact needs, we encourage you to tweak the search further after it's auto-built. (i.e. add search filters, 
restrict Leadership, Recruiting and Sales roles, change some of the required or optional terms, expand the mileage radius, etc.)​ Our robots aren't perfect!​

We are continuing to improve the logic around this feature, and during this process, your feedback is incredibly important to us! If you have a comment or suggestion, let us know at

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