Calling Healthcare Candidates

Created: Aug 03, 2015 11:22AM PDT      Updated: Dec 09, 2015 10:23AM PST
Healthcare recruiting often requires a bold and proactive approach to sourcing. Let's face it, passive methods like job boards just aren’t enough to land top talent, and most state licenses do not list email addresses for physicians or nurses. Persistence pays, and healthcare candidates are more responsive to telephone outreach.

TalentBin has 1.5 million more phone numbers than email addresses for clinicians.

Email Addresses


11% of candidates have an available email

Phone Numbers

2.1 million

45% of candidates have an available phone

Keep in mind, physicians and nurses aren’t spending their day at a desk answering emails. They are on their feet in operating rooms and clinics.
  • Current TalentBin customers successfully engage candidates in a conversation with phone outreach 60-70% of the time.
  • Compare this to email, where most recruiters are lucky to get a 20-25% response rate with emails, even after multiple messages.  
Calling candidates does not have to be scary!

While it may be harder to take rejection over the phone, keep your goal in mind: You’re selling a better job, more money, and the opportunity to work in a better facility. While it may involve more time on the front end, calling candidates will pay dividends as you’re able to fill positions faster and with better caliber candidates. But don’t take our word for it, check out these testimonials by some of our best healthcare users:

Customer Testimonials

  • Christen Bonn at All’s Well Healthcare says: “People are very polite for the most part. Most people I talk to are generally a good fit for the position. I haven’t really had people turn me down because I am a recruiter, nor are people mad that I contacted them. It’s a positive atmosphere and we seem to be calling the right people.”
  • Roman Escobar at The Judge Group says: “Referencing personal details is always more successful at eliciting responses from people, and TalentBin by Monster helps me get the information I need to initiate those kinds of conversations. I let the candidate know basic details about the role I am trying to fill, and I also mention the specific aspects of the job that make me think they are qualified for the position. TalentBin just makes the whole interaction more personal."

Are you looking for healthcare candidates in Florida, North Carolina, Oregon or Washington DC? Our suggestions for sourcing and contacting healthcare professionals in these states are slightly different. Read about it here!
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