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Created: Aug 06, 2015 12:35PM PDT      Updated: Dec 09, 2015 10:31AM PST
Are you curious to see how you match up with other TalentBin users? Or, is one of your employees using the tool, and you want to get a quick glimpse of his or her activity?

In both of these cases, our monthly usage reports will provide all the information you need.

There are five primary statistics that are communicated in the usage report emails:

1. Logins
2. Searches Performed
3. Profiles Viewed 
4. Staging Actions Taken
5. Emails Sent

Each statistic will list both the specific user’s level of activity as well as the overall activity in the bin for the most recent two months, and our recommended benchmarks based on what we’ve seen to be
successful activity.

Here’s an email report from one of our internal TalentBin users as an example:
Logins (5/mo): The number of times the user has logged into the tool. This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s the foundation for everything else. If you aren’t using the tool, you won’t have success with it!

Searches (20/mo): The number of individual searches run. Since searching best practices in TalentBin are to run multiple search variations targeting different skills and aspects of a candidate per req to ensure you’ve found all potential fits, 20 searches run per month (which breaks down to an average of 5 per week) should be the bare minimum in order to achieve an active, healthy pipeline.

Profile Views (75/mo): The number of individual candidate profiles viewed. This is basically the second-most important metric, when one considers necessary actions for achieving a hire (qualifying candidates, surfacing relevant web activity to reference when reaching out, and the actual outreach). 75 profiles per month may seem like a high number, but when you break it down to a more manageable level, it comes out to just under 20 profile views per week, or about 4 per day. Given that it’s unlikely that every profile you view will be a perfect fit candidate that you’ll want to reach out to, if you aren’t viewing at least that many profiles you’re going to have a difficult time achieving a reasonable response or hire rate.

Staging Actions (100/mo): The number of staging actions taken on candidate profiles. In all honesty, this metric is essentially a gimme. The system will automatically stage profiles that have been reached out to as Attempting to Contact, as well as profiles who write back via email as In Discussion, and users should ALWAYS be staging profiles they don’t want to message as a Bad Fit. When you add in Future Opportunity stages and any custom stages a user may create, as long as you are searching and emailing you should find that this metric will take care of itself.

Emails Sent (50/mo): The most important metric is the number of emails sent. This, more than any other metric tracked, will have the largest impact on a user’s success in TalentBin. Email has proven time and again to be the most effective outreach method for
passive candidates. And with the Automated Follow-up campaigns and initial outreach templates in TalentBin, writing high-quality emails without spending unreasonable amounts of time has never been easier.

Again, while 50 emails sent per month may seem like a high number, when we dive deeper into that metric, we find that a user only needs to send 3 emails per day, which translates to between
20-30 minutes in TalentBin, to reach the 50 per month mark.

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