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Created: Oct 09, 2015 06:36PM EST      Updated: Dec 09, 2015 02:04PM EST
DevOps is the practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support. DevOps is also characterized by operations staff making use many of the same techniques as developers for their systems work.

What is DevOps? (courtesy of The Agile Admin)  

With any passive candidate recruitment tool, sourcing for a DevOps engineer can be tougher than your average software developer search.

The primary reason is that for most "DevOps" engineers, development operations are more of a methodology than a specific job function. This makes it tricky for recruiters to pinpoint promising candidates in this field.

There are a few things to keep in mind before starting your DevOps search:

  • DevOps is a constantly and rapidly evolving, non-standard role that varies from organization to organization.
  • Most DevOps engineers do not have a "DevOps Engineer" title. They are usually called something else within their organization and these job titles vary wildly. We've created an explode term in TalentBin to help you with role searching, but it is virtually impossible to include every iteration of DevOps title. (See Figure 1)
Example DevOps Job Titles
Figure One: Example DevOps job titles found in the DevOps Job Titles TalentBin Explode term.
  • Good DevOps engineers are already employed. Passively recruiting these engineers is the best way to go—you will likely not find good DevOps engineers through active channels.
  • Recruiting an excellent DevOps engineer takes time, especially if you are looking for someone to fill a senior-level position. Be patient. It will be worth it.
  • DevOps is closely associated with the Agile software development methodology.
  • Do not write off a candidate because he or she does not have your ideal education background. A DevOps engineer might have fallen into a DevOps career from something else, but it does not mean that he or she is not proficient at his or her job.
Most importantly, familiarize yourself with the newest DevOps technologies and get to know the lingo! 

Many of these technologies change quickly and 10-year-old knowledge might be useless. For example, Linux experience from 10 years ago is not the same as current Linux experience. On the other hand, Java experience from 10 years ago is acceptable because the technology is relatively stable.

Often, we see job requirements that are asking for more years of experience with a tool than a technology is old. Don't know what containerization is? Look it up! Wikipedia is always a great resource to help you learn more about these technologies and searching for "What is ___?" is also not a bad search on Google. Knowledge is power!


Commonly Used DevOps Technologies

(Click on any of the tabs below to learn more. Most links within each tab are also clickable.)


Searching for DevOps Candidates

Creating a search for a DevOps Engineer is no different than creating any other search in TalentBin.

Use advanced search and search by keyword, not job title (role in TalentBin). Using keywords allows you to find candidates with the skills and the experience with different programming languages, tools, operating systems, etc. to fit the DevOps engineer role at your company.


Contacting DevOps Candidates

Email and personalize, personalize, personalize!

DevOps engineers are no different than other sorts of software engineers in that they want to be contacted by email.

Start with a subject tailored to the individual candidate and continue that personalization through at least the first paragraph of your message. DO NOT include a job description in your initial outreach email. Remember, you are trying to start a conversation with the candidate and trying to get to know him or her a little before going into all-out selling mode.

Things to Avoid
  1. Searching by Role

You can search by role, but it's not a recommended best practice. If you must search by role, consider making the term(s) optional and using the "DevOps Job Titles" explode term.

Optional Role - DevOps Job Titles
Figure 2: The DevOps Job Titles Explode Term

This explode term contains the following job titles (feel free to add additional synonyms):

  • Automation Engineer
  • DevTools Engineer
  • Infrastructure Architect
  • Network Engineer
  • Operations Engineer
  • Release Engineer
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Solutions Architect
  • Systems Administrator
  • Systems Architect
  1. Filtering by Years of Experience

As with any searches in TalentBin, years of experience should not be your go-to filter. TalentBin crawls publicly available data and, oftentimes, DevOps engineers do not post their full resumes on the internet, so TalentBin might not have full resume data. While TalentBin tries to infer years of experience, there is oftentimes little available data to pull from. You will get better results by filtering on other things like available contact and network type first.

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