Compose View Email Improvements v2 (March 2016): Inline Template and Campaign Menu

Created: Mar 15, 2016 09:26AM PDT      Updated: Mar 17, 2016 11:47AM PDT
We've recently made some changes to the compose message window to help make you more efficient.

Default Template
Now not only will you be able to select the desired template right from the compose window, but you can also make this your default template for the search folder. That means the template populates for all candidates in this folder as soon as you click on an email address in the Contact menu. 

To select a default template, simply click on the template you wish to use and then click on the checkbox for Save as default template for this folder.

Default Automated Follow-up Campaign
You can also select a default Automated Follow-Up Campaign. It works the same way as a template. Choose the campaign and then check the box Save as default campaign for this folder.

Now, whenever you reach out to a candidate in this folder, the default automated follow-up campaign will automatically be chosen from the drop down menu.

Review, customize, and hit send!

Making Changes
You can reset the default template or automated follow-up campaign at any time by choosing a new template and/or automated follow-up campaign. You can also remove either default for that search folder by unchecking the respective box for each.

Here's what the new layout looks like:


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