Recruiting Devs in 2016

Created: Mar 17, 2016 01:34PM PDT      Updated: Mar 22, 2016 08:44AM PDT

Sending a first outreach email to a passive candidate may feel like you’re stepping into a bar getting ready to meet your blind date for the first time. It’s not ideal, but if no one’s applying to your job posting (or approaching you, you stunner, you), you have to put yourself out there. But first, take some time and try to understand your audience before you get rejected without any chance of a future opportunity.

Thankfully, StackOverflow released its 2016 survey with results from over 56,000 coders in 173 countries.  Combine TalentBin’s professional and personal skill data with the data from this survey about what developers want from their career, and BOOM! Hires will start flowing in when you message candidates! Well, maybe it’s not that easy, but these survey results will provide you with some awesome stats that you can use to create more effective messaging.

The survey extensively analyzes developers over a series of 45 questions, but below you'll find a snapshot of information you should know when sending first outreach messages.  


Are there any developers out there who need a job? :

Although the unemployment rate in the US is under 2.5% for web developers, the majority of devs are open to new opportunities, so don’t be shy! Email promising candidate and share why they would benefit from the role or company you’re recruiting for.  

What devs want to in new opportunities:

50% of candidates care about their salary, but this isn’t the end-all-be-all for developers. A whole 37% didn’t even include salary on their survey. Sharing perks about your company’s work-life balance and company culture can reel them in, and get them asking to learn more. After salary, these two categories rank as the #2 and #3 priorities dev seek, respectively.
What's company culture? That can mean a lot of different things to different people. It's the intangibles that stack up and really start to matter: Beyond free lunch, happy hours, flexible start times, does the company have a mission that really matters? (And, on that point, will the engineer be able to make a difference by playing a key role in delivering that mission?)



Why stop innovating?:

Devs don’t want to work on old technologies or projects that aren’t going to be useful for them. (But really, who would want that?) In your outreach share any “sexy” technologies candidates get to work with, and don’t forget to mention what they can look forward to working on in the future. Candidates want to know they're going to have the opportunity to work with thought leaders on cutting edge technology.


Sell the tech they want to work with:

If you're recruiting for some of the hot new technologies listed below, make sure to mention them in your outreach! As previously stated, many devs are not actively looking for a new job, but they are open to new opportunities. So selling a technology they will be working with could be your golden ticket! Contrarily, if a technology you're recruiting for is on the "Losers" tab, you probably shouldn't push this too hard in your initial email.   



That doesn’t seem too unreasonable, right? Reflect on what developers seek in their careers and share any relevant details about the job you’re recruiting for in your first outreach. Granted, not every position you have to fill involves finding someone willing to give birth to a paradigm shifting technology. Nevertheless, if you're able to highlight how the engineer can be an agent for change and productivity and tie it into the bigger picture in way that aligns with his or her interests, we assure you, you will see a much higher productive response rate.

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