New Feature (May 2016): Manage Folder Defaults

Created: May 17, 2016 12:59PM PDT      Updated: Aug 04, 2016 02:37PM PDT
We've introduced a new feature that makes it even easier to stay organized and manage your job reqs! Introducing the Manage Folder Defaults page: 

This feature allows you to create and select default templates and campaigns for each of your folders, all from one place. This is a great way to stay organized with your work load and keep track of all of your open jobs. By assigning default templates and campaign to all of your open folders, you will not only save time while reaching out to candidates, but you're also making sure that all of your candidates are receiving targeted messaging that will lead to increased response rates. 

How Does It Work?
You will find the Manage Folder Defaults page when you click on "Manage Templates & Campaigns" under my settings. You can jump to both the templates and campaigns pages from this page, and create your custom outreach templates the same way as you normally would. You can also create brand new templates from the Manage Folder Defaults page:

Once you're on the Manage Folder Defaults, you'll see a list of your active folders. Click on a folder to assign the default template and campaign. A folder is 0% complete when it doesn't have any templates assigned to it. When you've selected either a default template for follow up campaign, it's 50% complete. The folder will be 100% complete once you've assigned both a default template and follow up campaign to it. 


Making Changes
If you make changes to any of your templates or campaigns, those changes will automatically update in your folders. If you want to switch out a template or campaign, simply select the change/remove option on the Manage Folder Defaults page.

Happy Purple Squirrel Hunting!

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