New Feature (May 2016): Improved Headlines

Created: May 26, 2016 11:05AM PDT      Updated: Aug 04, 2016 02:37PM PDT
One of TalentBin's greatest strengths is the many web sources that give us our candidate data. Our software engineering, finance and healthcare specific websites are able to tell us about a candidate's professional history and skill sets, and the social sites we pull from give us the full picture of a candidate and let us know about their hobbies and interests. 

We also pull in biographies and headlines from these websites to give us even more insight on a candidate. This gives recruiters a chance to connect with these individuals on a personal level. If a candidate mentions that he or she loves photography in one of their bios, you can mention this in your initial outreach and you’ll be even more likely to get a response.

However, sometimes the headline on a TalentBin profile pull in this personal information and create a misleading picture of a candidate. We’re looking for software developers, not photographers, Jedis, or wizards!

Our newest improvement in TalentBin fixes these headlines so they speak to a candidate’s professional experience, making it that much easier to quickly qualify the profiles you see in TalentBin.

The candidate in the below example called himself a Web Wizard, which has since been changed to Web Developer to reflect his front end skills:


This healthcare professional’s headline used to reflect her personal interest in photography, but now we can easily see that she’s a nurse practitioner:

We hope this improvement continues to make your sourcing process even easier! Happy Purple Squirrel Hunting!

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