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Created: Oct 04, 2017 02:26PM PDT      Updated: Oct 04, 2017 03:10PM PDT

Want to know if your outreach messages are getting noticed and gaining traction with your candidates? That’s why we have open and click notifications!
When you use TalentBin’s integrated mailbox to send your recruiting messages, the tool will automatically keep track of when a candidate opens your email or clicks on a URL included in your email. This is why many of our example email templates include a variable that pulls in your company’s jobs page or website URL.
To review open and click activity, just go to the Mailbox section inside TalentBin. Here you will see an Activity link on the left, below your Inbox and Sent categories. Each activity is listed with the candidate’s name, the date/time the activity occurred and a link to the email thread the activity occurred on.

Activity Symbol Guide:
  -- Open 
  -- Click
  -- Reply

Open and click activity can also be seen in each individual candidate’s TalentBin profile, under History. Note that an activity notification is generated each time that activity occurs. So if a candidate opens your email three times and clicks on your URL twice, then you will get a total of five activity notifications.

Lastly, opens and clicks may show up as part of the recommended actions on your Dashboard. This is especially true if that candidate is not part of an automated follow-up campaign.

Viewing this activity can be helpful for identifying your most interested candidates. We always recommend using the automated follow-up campaigns, but this is a good way to keep track of interested candidates, just in case. Plus, if you’re not getting many open or click notifications, it could be an indication that your outreach templates need to be revised and improved.

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