Premium Support: Let our recruiting experts do work for you!

Created: Feb 22, 2016 03:24PM PST      Updated: May 13, 2016 03:49PM PDT

Premium Support lets you reap the benefits of your TalentBin by Monster license, without the heavy lifting. Passive candidate recruiting can be challenging, so let our Premium Support Product Specialist provide you the extra boost and support you need to get productive responses from those hard to find purple squirrels


With Premium Support you will gain these key benefits:

  • 12 premium support tickets per year to have a TalentBin Product Specialist do one of the following:

    • Create 3 new, optimized searches for any job requisition in a supported vertical.

    • Create 1 new persuasive outreach campaign, optimized with TalentBin template variables.

    • Contact 10 passive candidates on your behalf, and enroll them in automated follow-up campaigns.

    • One 30-minute account review focused on improving success.

    • One 30-minute product refresher or new feature walk-through.

    • Add 20 of your own candidates to TalentBin.

    • For Healthcare customers, we'll create a phone campaign and reach out to 20 passive candidates on your behalf.

  • One additional 30-day white-glove onboarding with the TalentBin Product Specialist team (if you need to transfer your license to a different user):

    • Implementation call to configure account settings.

    • One-hour kick off training.

    • Weekly success measurement check-ins via email.

    • Mid-month 30-minute catch-up call.

    • Hand off to the ongoing customer success team.


Other benefits include:

  • In-product chat support.

  • Top of queue prioritization for all inbound calls and emails.

  • Mini account reports delivered once a month, including:

    • Documentation on any new or recently shipped features.

    • Usage and benchmark data compared to similar accounts.

    • New support materials, including webinars, white papers, and other content.

  • Monthly reporting analytics to individual seat holders and decision maker.

Interested in learning more? Check out more specifics and what our customers our saying here: Premium Support Slide. Or request a demonstration of TalentBin and speak to one our Overlays for more details.

Q​uestions? Thoughts? Either c​ontact your Product Specialist, reach out to us at anytime, or leave a comment below!
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